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Solidarity with Strikers on the Hong Kong Docks 声援香港码头工人罢工

Global Stevedoring announces closure of business

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From HKCTU-IHLO – 18 April 2013

Global released a public statement announcing closure of business in the evening. Global claims that the company has been meeting the union but failed to reach an agreement. The company is unable to meet the salary requests of the union and it does not serve the interests of any party to drag on the negotiation.

 Global puts the responsibility on the union:

UHKD and HKCTU staged the strike leading to the participation of more than 70% of its employees. Taking into account other negative factors, Global does not have the capacity to re-structure and continue the operation. The company decides to close down its sub-contracting business with HIT when the service contract with HIT ends.”

The company will lay off all the employees according to the labour laws.

 UHKD is prepared for the expiration of the service contract of Global. UHKD calls Hutchison to step in immediately. Global is still obliged to resolve the dispute before 30 June. UHKD and HKCTU calls for an assembly at Cheung Kong Centre tomorrow night.

The strikers are employed by three contractors including 130 out of 170 crane operators under Global, another 200 from Everbest and more than 30 of them from Pui Kee. Global is closely related to HIT and was formed by its retired management.


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