All On the Same Ocean 同一个海上

Solidarity with Strikers on the Hong Kong Docks 声援香港码头工人罢工

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Same work, different conditions: Australian vs. Hong Kong dockworker

Thanks to HKCTU and Left21 for translating and producing this image!

comparision between Australian and HK dockers


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“Port Workers In Hong Kong and Vancouver, USA, Fighting For Decent Jobs” radio interview

This is reposted from the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA)

An 8-min long radio segment that includes interviews with Chan Chiu-wai of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, and Paddy Crumlin, President of the International Transport Workers Federation

Please listen here

The MUA also sent a worker’s contingent to Hong Kong to march with the Hong Kong workers. See report here


Image from SCMP