All On the Same Ocean 同一个海上

Solidarity with Strikers on the Hong Kong Docks 声援香港码头工人罢工

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Donate to the HK port strike ONLINE!

Thanks to the IWW International Solidarity Commission, we now have an ONLINE DONATION option!

Please donate to the wepay account here



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Bangladeshi garment factory collapse kills at least 87 workers

Yet another workplace tragedy in Bangladesh’s garment industry. Not too long ago, 112 workers die in a fire in the Tazreen factory. The deject working conditions that garment workers in Bangladesh experience is being fueled by companies such as Walmart and Disney. These conditions are being justified by the industry proponents as lifting people out of poverty. They even dare to talk about how they are doing Bangladeshi women a favor here:

“Industry proponents say the garment industry has been an essential engine for the Bangladeshi economy, lifting millions of people, particularly women, out of abject poverty, even with such low wages. Today, garments represent roughly 80 percent of Bangladesh’s manufacturing exports and provide a critical source of foreign exchange that the government needs to help offset the high costs of imported oil.”

In Dec 2012, in the immediate aftermath of the Tazreen fire that killed 112, organizers in Newark and Charlestone organized a symbolic port blockade here and here. Below is the video from Bangladeshi workers who survived, entitled “So We May All Survive”

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Donate to the Strike Fund!

Hong Kong’s port workers have been on strike for three weeks. Without a union strike fund, workers have been surviving on their own fundraising efforts and that of their many supporters in Hong Kong. We want to express solidarity and support the brave Hong Kong dock workers in their fight against Li Kasheng and Hutchinson Whampoa by contributing to their strike fund.  The strike fund is being collected by the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU).

There are a few ways to contribute to the strike fund:

1) Online contributions

We are in the process of setting up an online paypal account for donations

2) Bank transfer directly to Hong Kong

You could organize a fundraiser locally to pool money or individually donate by wiring money directly to the HKCTU using their bank information. A wiring fee may be included.

Strike fund for Dock Workers
Account No.: Hang Seng Bank 295-8-067833
Account Name: Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions
Bank Code 024
Address of HKCTU: 19/F., Wing Wong Commercial Building, 557 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, HK.
Swift code : HASEHKHH
Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank – Hankow Road Branch
Bank Address:  4 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

The union asks that you fill out this form: Fund Donation Form for Strike Fund. There are other payment options on the form too.

3) Individual checks within the US

If you would like to send personal checks within the US, please email here: . We are working on the feasibility of this.

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About a thousand people have braved heavy rain to join a rally outside the Cheung Kong Center to support a group of striking dockers who are demanding better pay and working conditions. Protesters urged tycoon Li Ka-Shing, who controls the port operator, Hongkong International Terminals, to hold talks with the dockers’ union over their demands. The strikers say their wages have remained unchanged for years and have demanded a 20 percent pay rise but so far with no result. More than a hundred workers had been camping outside the Cheung Kong Center. The crowd soon grew much larger as the rally got underway with students, labour groups, academics and nearby office workers showing up to lend their support. As the crowd swelled outside the building, police had to open up one lane of the road to accommodate the group. Unionist lawmaker, Lee Cheuk-yan, who has been assisting the strikers, said they were forced to take their grievances to Central. He pledged to carry on the struggle until the workers’ demands for decent wages and better working conditions are met. (RTHK)

Reposted from Asian Labour Update

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“Port Workers In Hong Kong and Vancouver, USA, Fighting For Decent Jobs” radio interview

This is reposted from the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA)

An 8-min long radio segment that includes interviews with Chan Chiu-wai of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, and Paddy Crumlin, President of the International Transport Workers Federation

Please listen here

The MUA also sent a worker’s contingent to Hong Kong to march with the Hong Kong workers. See report here


Image from SCMP