All On the Same Ocean 同一个海上

Solidarity with Strikers on the Hong Kong Docks 声援香港码头工人罢工

Why Strike?

Hong Kong’s dock workers are on strike. They have been on strike since March 28th, and they have refused to give in to their employers’ threats or insultingly small concessions. They are on strike because their twelve hour days (and sometimes 24s) without even bathroom breaks leave them no time for life and because their meager wages, the equivalent of 7USD/day, are barely enough to scrape by with the sky-high costs of living in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s dock workers have not seen a raise in fifteen years. In fact, their current wages are lower than they were fifteen years ago. And day after day they wear down their bodies doing dangerous work for billionaire Li Ka-Shing – the eighth richest man in the world. They strike because they will not take any more insults to their dignity.

See the following resources for more information on why dock workers are striking:

Hong Kong Dockers Fact Sheet

Strike Consolidated Overview

“All on the same ocean” video : worker interviews and speeches

Worker Q&A – Xin & Chen


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